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Griffin Remedy Anti-Aging Shampoos and conditioners with Argan oil revitalizes and nourishes hair challenged by time and our environment. This combination also helps strengthen weak and brittle hair, prevents split ends, and tame frizzy hair. Argan Oils omega 3 and 9 moisturize hair follicles and Vitamin C helps promote resilient hair growth.

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Welcome to Griffin Remedy

Offering 100% all natural organic personal care products for a lifestyle of total wellness straight from San Francisco.

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Moisturizing Body Bars

Our Body Bars care for your skin leaving it looking and feeling soft and youthful! Choose from 6 different aromas.

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Lotions & Shower Gels

Griffin Remedy shower gels and lotions contain MSM , an organic sulfur compound that makes cell walls more permeable, thus able to allow more nutrients in and to allow waste materials to pass out of the cells.

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Bubble Bear Bath Bubbles

Experience the wonder of Bubble Bear, the bubbliest of bubble baths. Add to running water to create a bubble kingdom and embark on your own magical journey with Bubble Bear.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“Using the Omega3 Grapefruit lotion to hydrate against stretch marks. Moisturizes wonderfully, absorbs into skin right away, and smells heavenly. If you guys ever come up with a body mist or bottle that fragrance, I will be on it like a pigeon on crumbs. :). Thank you for producing a product I feel comfortable using during pregnancy.”

Joanna Konarzewski

“This is my favorite shampoo & conditioner ever! I bought this for the first time when we were making our new record out in LA. I loved that it was vegan & it smelled so good. I took a chance and my hair felt so wonderful. It’s nice to find something that actually works on my very unruly, tangly hair. I just ordered some online.”

Jeni Hankins

“The absolute BEST bubble bath. I am a bubble bath snob, seriously. I have tried many brands, and Griffin Remedy is by far my favorite.”

Andraya Pate

“After using many ‘natural’/’organic’ products, this is the real deal to cure icky hair and scalp. After even one wash, the difference is so obvious!”

Lisa Wojcik

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