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Last Friday, our good friends over at xoJane.com wrote some wonderful words about us, and we thought we would share them with you! Below is a snippet of their article in which they discussed some must have beauty products, including our very own Eucalyptus Bubble Bears. We encourage you to read the full article HERE.

Repost from xoJane.com

I didn’t realize yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day until I encountered a literal horde of emerald clad college students on the train. The floor was sticky with PBR. The air sparkled with light reflected off a thousand rhinestone accessories. There was no rhyme or reason to be found in the chaos.

Why was there so much shouting? Why were people throwing up at 10:00 AM? Why did so many young men wearing paper hats get locked in the bathroom and then scream at the train conductor?

I was terrified. I fled to the quiet car.

There, in blessed silence, I began to wonder if the smell of alcohol and stale sweat would hang like a cloud of dread over New York City all day. I wondered if Saint Patrick led snakes out of Ireland and if my grandmother, who always took me to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade dressed in orange (I KNOW), would be disappointed in my ignorance (Kiss me, I’m half-Irish).

Finally, I wondered what beauty products I would use after drinking myself silly in celebration of clovers and leprechauns and Flogging Molly. If you are anything like me, you may be in need of these 10 products to slough off whatever kind of raging you did last night. If you are more sociable or more Irish than I am, you will definitely want to pick up at least one of these blessed unguents at Sephora (or Ulta, if you’re in the Midwest!) or, better yet, have the whole lot Amazon Prize Drone-shipped to your office.

Griffin Remedy Eucalyptus Bubble Bear

I might have to actually buy the gallon jug ($59) of this bubble bath. The suds inside these bears is beyond plush and eucalyptus is my favorite bath scent so I run through these little guys in a week or two. I found my first bubble bear at Marshall’s and spent a whopping $12 on it which is more than I spend on any home-good at Marshall’s, but I’m so glad I did.

It’s hard to find a eucalyptus product that’s made just for relaxing. Usually, you’ll find toners, salts, masks, or deep cleansers, but Griffin Remedy has managed to take the spritely (yeah, I said “spritely”) scent of eucalyptus and it’s sinus-clearing goodness and magic it into one of the fluffiest, most luxurious bubble baths out there.

Thank you for the kind words xoJane!


Grab your very own Bubble Bear today!



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