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Omega -3 has been praised for years as a powerhouse nutrient straight from mother nature that has many benefits for your body and skin. Not only does it help lower the risks of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other conditions, it is also the perfect food for your skin. Let’s look at some of the benefits that Omega-3 offers.

1.) Omega-3 helps to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Research suggests that the fats protect skin cells against sun-induced inflammation and help control how the body responds to UV rays.

2.) Omega-3 heals skin an helps to support your skins structure, which in turn reduces and slows down wrinkles.

3.) Omega-3 acts like a seal that keeps moisture in and irritants out, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

Treat the skin your in to the awesome benefits of Omega-3. Your body will thank you!

Omega-3 Frankincense Body Lotion

Omega-3 Grapefruit Body Lotion

Omega-3 Unscented Body Lotion



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