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Orange Blossom Body Lotion with MSM

(5 customer reviews)

From: $8.99



  • Sizes: 8oz | 32oz | Gallon
  • All natural with no artificial ingredients and no parabens
  • Contains MSM
  • Vegan
  • Orange Essential Oil provides Anti-Oxidant properties


Griffin Remedy Body Lotion with MSM Orange Blossom

Griffin Remedy Moisturizing Body Lotion with MSM is all natural with no artificial ingredients, no parabens. Pure essential oils are used for their therapeutic and fragrance benefits. Griffin Remedy Body lotion contains MSM, an organic sulfur compound known as nature’s beauty mineral. MSM is known for making cell walls more permeable, thus able to allow more nutrients in and to allow toxins materials to pass out of the cells. Daily use of Griffin Remedy Body Lotion leaves skin soft and youthful.


Purified water, Organic aloe vera juice, Organic MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), blended coconut wax, organic sweet almond oil, palm oil ester, vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, Organic flax seed oil, borage oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, Organic arnica extract, Organic chamomile extract, Organic calendula extract, vitamin E, rose oil, orange blossom pure essential oil blend

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5 reviews for Orange Blossom Body Lotion with MSM

  1. Michele M.

    I love all of these products! I like knowing and having the peace of mind that everything I use is cruelty free and natural without all of the harmful cancer-causing ingredients that are all too commonly used in the beauty product/cosmetics industry ! Thank you GR

  2. Jan (verified owner)

    This MSM Orange Blossom Body Lotion is AMAZING…it is SO moisturizing and the smell is divine!! In this last order of 7 bottles ( I DO love this lotion!!), I added the Orange Blossom Soap. By far, this is the BEST, CREAMIEST soap I have ever used. Wished I had order 2 or 3!!

  3. Dawn Rowe (verified owner)

    This lotion isn’t for me. The orange blossom fragrance is WAY too strong for my taste. Had to give the bottle away to someone who liked it. I’m sticking with the grapefruit lotion. Love that!

  4. Christine L

    I adore the smell of orange blossom (neroli), and this lotion not only captures the lovely fragrance, it’s really emollient too. For me personally, I don’t think it’s too strong, but rather it’s a matter of scent being a personal thing. I love the way the lotion smells in the bottle, and as it absorbs into my skin, it leaves a subtle citrusy fragrance I find quite appealing.

  5. Danielle C

    I’m obsessed with this lotion. I found it at my local grocery store and thoughts I would give it a try. I do not like synthetic smelling lotion since I am an avid Essential Oil user. This lotion has a beautiful fragrance and is so creamy and absorbent. I went back for more and the moved it to the “last chance” rack so I bought 4. Glad to see I can get it here. Will be trying other products too!

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