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Peppermint Tea Tree Body Lotion with MSM

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  • Sizes: 8oz | Gallon
  • All natural with no artificial ingredients and no parabens
  • Contains MSM
  • Vegan
  • Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential oils refresh and rejuvenate the senses


Griffin Remedy Body Lotion with MSM Peppermint Tea Tree

Griffin Remedy Moisturizing Body Lotion with MSM is all natural with no artificial ingredients, no parabens. Pure essential oils are used for their therapeutic and fragrance benefits. Griffin Remedy Body lotion contains MSM, an organic sulfur compound known as nature’s beauty mineral. MSM is known for making cell walls more permeable, thus able to allow more nutrients in and to allow toxins materials to pass out of the cells. Daily use of Griffin Remedy Body Lotion leaves skin soft and youthful.


Purified water, Organic aloe vera juice, Organic MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), blended coconut wax, organic sweet almond oil, palm seed oil, vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, Organic flax seed oil, borage oil, vitamin A, Organic arnica extract, Organic chamomile extract, Organic calendula extract, vitamin E, rose oil, peppermint tea tree pure essential oil blend

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