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Phytoplankton Geranium Body Lotion

(9 customer reviews)

From: $15.75



  • Sizes: 8oz | Gallon
  • Ultra Moisturizing Skin Food for Healthy Skin
  • Bodycare from the sea
  • Contains Phytoplankton – a nutrient rich marine super food

Note: Due to our limited supply, we are temporarily unable to offer free pumps with gallon sizes. As always, pumps can be ordered for the usual price of $3 here.


Griffin Remedy Phytoplankton Body Lotion with Geranium

Phytoplankton is nutrient rich marine super foods, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, Omega-3 and amino acids. Our phytoplankton body lotion offers these bioavailable benefits to nourish, moisturize and protect your skin.


Purified water, glyceryl, stearate, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, marine phytoplankton, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, vitamin E, chlorophyll, vitamin B2, phenethyl alcohol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, geranium essential oil blend

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9 reviews for Phytoplankton Geranium Body Lotion

  1. David Casebeer

    Thank you for the best lotion I’ve used in 40 years! I have very dry sensitive skin and your Phytoplankton Geranium Body Lotion makes my day much more comfortable.

  2. Mukesh webb (verified owner)

    I love this lotion. I tried a small bottle and it was amazing. I have psoriasis and it keeps my scaly skin looking and feeling healthy. I will be ordering more!

  3. Aaron

    I have skin issues with little bumps on my chest and back. This is the only product that I have used that seems to calm my skin and nearly eradicate the bumps. Thank you so much for creating such a healthy and wonderful lotion!

  4. miranda (verified owner)

    I love the product, but this packaging is HORRIBLE. The lotion is really thick, and the last ounce can’t be extracted by the pump. Out of 8 oz, we use only 7, making this the most costly product at Griffin!!!
    Because it’s so thick, it is impossible to condense the bottles, so we’re forced to throw away good lotion. For those who don’t get it, “condensing bottles” is a hospitality term where you turn Old bottle on top of New bottle to transfer old contents.

  5. carie

    Why does this have to have dimethicone in it? That is a no-go for me.

  6. Anna Kushnareva

    There are 3 different types of alcohols in it. I try to avoid alcohol in ingredients, and rarely see 3 types in one product. The other body lotions of Griffin Remedy don’t have any. I wonder whether it is really necessary to put alcohols n there.

  7. Leslie (verified owner)

    I agree with Anna. Why so much alcohol? I can’t believe the other reviewers with dry skin and psoriasis aren’t adversely affected. It’s nice and thick and smells wonderful but it triggered the worst flare up I’ve experienced yet. 😢

  8. Leslie (verified owner)

    I received a response from Griffin that they are reformulating this product. They believe the flare up was triggered by the geranium oil. At any rate, I have had no problems using it on my hands, arms and legs. I have changed my rating based on their response.

  9. Sharon (verified owner)

    Best lotion ever with a subtle scent and powerful moisturizing properties. I have not found the alcohol content to be a problem and the geranium oil, unlike the oil in the lavender lotion, has not been irritating for me.

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