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Glossing Shampoo

(3 customer reviews)

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With Mongongo Oil & Cupuacu Butter

(For shine and sun protection)

Glossing Shampoo contains Cupuacu Butter to improve moisture, smooth hair and add shine.


  • Sizes: 8oz | Gallon
  • Promotes smoother hair and shine
  • Help neutralize free radicals and protects hair from sun damage


Griffin Remedy Glossing Shampoo with Mongongo Oil & Cupuacu Butter

GRIFFIN REMEDY all natural Glossing Shampoo contains Cupuacu Butter to improve moisture, smooth hair and add shine. Mongongo Oil, with its high nutritive content helps to protect hair from environmental damage while adding necessary nutrients.

Directions: apply to wet hair, lather then rinse. REPEAT. Best to follow with GRIFFIN REMEDY Glossing Conditioner.


purified water, certified organic aloe vera gel, coconut glycerin, decyl glucoside, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, flax oil, saw palmetto extract, certified organic chamimile extract, guar gum, certified organic lavender hydrosol, cupuacu butter, certified organic jojoba oil, mongango oil, soy protein, MSM, kelp extract, calendula extract, comfrey extract, rosemary extract, soap nut extract, sage extract, sodium levulinate, yuzu essential oil

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3 reviews for Glossing Shampoo

  1. tntkent12 (verified owner)

    We normally get the daily shampoo/conditioner and love it, but I wanted to try something new. The fragrance of the glossing shampoo/conditioner was overpowering and smelled a lot like a conventional brand name shampoo I grew up using. We have sensitivities to strong fragrances so there is no way we can finish the bottle. I couldn’t really tell if it made my hair shinier but it weighed down both mine and my daughter’s curls. We’re going to stick with the daily from now on.

  2. B.

    I am a hair stylist who has tried a wide variety of products over the years, and this shampoo blows me away. I really love this stuff! I have highly sensitive skin, which made it nearly impossible for me to use shampoo at all. I had given up and started using clay to clean my hair instead. It works, but is messy and time consuming, not to mention clogging to your drains. I missed being able to lather up my hair and go, but wasn’t willing to revert to having constant contact dermatitis from cleansing with foaming/detergent based products. But then I found the glossing shampoo! Makes my hair smell amazing, my scalp feel clean without being stripped, and my hair is sooooo full and shiny! My hair also seems to be growing faster, maybe because my scalp is so much healthier. For any folks looking for a clean, pure, gentle and nourishing shampoo, this beats them all.

  3. Laura

    I can’t believe the negative review from the other commenter. This is literally the best shampoo (and the conditioner too!) that I have found since going all natural with my products. I was SO thrilled to finally find something that smells good! So often natural products left me smelling very earthy and kind of gross. I loved the Daily Shampoo scent, but the others in the shampoo/conditioner lines were just not for me. I really missed having something that smells decent and not like I just came out of the woods. This is it and it makes my hair look great too! I am in love! And my hair smells amazing! Highly recommend!

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