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Scalp Therapy Shampoo

(8 customer reviews)

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With Aloe Vera Extract & Tea Tree Oil

(For itchy, flaky, or dry scalps)

Scalp Therapy shampoo is formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Organic Aloe Vera juice, which soothes the scalp while moisturizing and nourishing hair.


  • Sizes: 8oz | Gallon
  • Contains Aloe Vera Extract and Tea Tree Oil
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve irritation, itching and flaking.
  • Soothes the scalp while moisturizing and nourishing hair


Griffin Remedy Scalp Therapy Shampoo with Aloe Vera Extract and Tea Tree Oil

GRIFFIN REMEDY Scalp Therapy shampoo is formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Organic Aloe Vera juice, which soothes the scalp while moisturizing and nourishing hair. Aloe Vera contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve irritation, itching and

Directions: apply to wet hair, lather then rinse. REPEAT. Best to follow with GRIFFIN REMEDY Scalp Therapy Conditioner.


purified water, certified Organic aloe vera gel, coconut glycerin, decyl glucoside, shea butter, vitamin E, saw palmetto extract, certified Organic chamomile extract, guar gum, certified Organic lavender hydrosol, certified Organic jojoba oil, soy protein, kelp extract, calendula extract, tea tree oil, MSM, rosemary extract, soap nut extract, sage extract, sodium levulinate, comfrey extract, peppermint essential oil

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8 reviews for Scalp Therapy Shampoo

  1. Leslie

    I searched for a product that would help control my dry scalp condition. This was it. I believe in this product and the fact that it’s made here in the bay area is even better…
    I wash two times a week and my itchyness has been improved 80% Wow am I happy Griffin Remedy made this particular formula…

  2. Julie

    This is the best shampoo for dandruff. My son suddenly developed dandruff and I didn’t want to use any of those harsh dandruff shampoos that are available. I headed to your site and found the scalp therapy shampoo and within a day or two, his dandruff started to clear up. He loves the peppermint smell too! Our family only uses Griffin Remedy.

  3. Gina P

    I’m so disappointed because Scalp Remedy has been reformulated. Why would Griffin mess with a tried-and-true product? Was it a victim of value engineering? Anyhow, it no longer is as effective as it used to be.

  4. Mar

    I bought this at my local food co-op, and it’s perfect! I love it so much that I wanted to leave a review on here. My scalp gets dry and flaky during the winter months in western Washington, and this soothes my scalp for perfectly! I have started using it in conjunction with the scalp therapy conditioner from Griffin remedy. The peppermint smells great, and calms down my curly hair’s frizzyness a bit too!

  5. Darcy (verified owner)

    I have to agree with Gina. I really, really loved this shampoo for over a year. Recently, Griffin Remedy has introduced a new formulation. Here are some of the changes compared with the previous formulation:

    MSM is in the product which is to help with scalp inflammation. Previously, MSM was the 4th ingredient in the product, by volume, and now it is the 16th item. The vitamin B, vitamin C, and vegetable protein have been removed entirely in the new product. Willow bark, which treats inflammation, has been removed altogether from the new formulation. I’m quite disappointed, as I really loved your brand and products previously.

    Please bring back the old formulation. I’d be more than happy to pay higher prices to get the good quality ingredients that Griffin Remedy made available previously. 🙂

  6. Avni

    BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA! I am not shocked how another brand switched to a cheaper formula but It’s so disappointing. You have lost another loyal customer.

  7. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I have been looking a a shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate for years. The SLS makes my scalp itch. This shampoo if truly without the ingredient, head has not itched and burned for 8 weeks since I ordered it!!! Also LOVE all other products.

  8. Dana (verified owner)

    I have used this shampoo for at least 4 years. It does appear that the formula has changed and I’m really unhappy. My scalp is sensitive and prone to breaking out. I have started having issues with my scalp again. In the past, I used Pureology, Redkin, Aveda and even Nioxen. I am so disappointed that the formula on this product was changed. =(

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