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It’s officially summer, but as allergy season lingers, the watery-eyed, itching, balloon-headed look is relentless as ever. Lucky for us, as the hay fever guarantees its crushing evolution, Griffin Remedy adapts to provide you temporary allergy relief using 100% vegan ingredients.


Meet Eucalyptus Bubble Bear – not your average bubble bath companion.

This all-natural bubble-maker doubles as an allergy relief targeting aches, itches, and congestion by activating the medically renowned magic of Eucalyptus leaf extract and transporting each bath to a relaxing bubble kingdom.

When this emerald forest meets your tub, Eucalyptus safely speaks to and strengthens your body in several ways. While you experience its charming, woody scent, Eucalyptus works to relieve your congestion and swelling. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant natures work to treat any irritating respiratory problems you are experiencing.

Its natural aromatherapy also extends to the mind – eucalyptus is a mental stimulant, draining your body of unwanted exhaustion or sluggishness by increasing blood flow.

This bear is soon to feature a softer light-green hue, as displayed above.

This safe and family-friendly product sits wonderfully among the veterans of Griffin Remedy’s Bubble Bear collection.

Remember, what goes onto your skin goes into your body – learn why Griffin Remedy is right for you.



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