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Introducing the newest addition to the Griffin Remedy body lotion family – Phytoplankton Body Lotion with Geranium! This ultra moisturizing skin lotion is packed with Phytoplankton, a nutrient rich marine super food that leaves your skin softer and healthier than ever! Add to that, the soft divine floral scent of Geranium essential oil added to every bottle, and you have a lotion perfect for everyday use!


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What Our Customers are Saying

“Using the Omega3 Grapefruit lotion to hydrate against stretch marks. Moisturizes wonderfully, absorbs into skin right away, and smells heavenly. If you guys ever come up with a body mist or bottle that fragrance, I will be on it like a pigeon on crumbs. :). Thank you for producing a product I feel comfortable using during pregnancy.” Joanna Konarzewski

“This is my favorite shampoo & conditioner ever! I bought this for the first time when we were making our new record out in LA. I loved that it was vegan & it smelled so good. I took a chance and my hair felt so wonderful. It’s nice to find something that actually works on my very unruly, tangly hair. I just ordered some online.” Jeni Hankins

“The absolute BEST bubble bath. I am a bubble bath snob, seriously. I have tried many brands, and Griffin Remedy is by far my favorite.” Andraya Pate

“After using many ‘natural’/’organic’ products, this is the real deal to cure icky hair and scalp. After even one wash, the difference is so obvious!” Lisa Wojcik

“Love the various shampoos and conditioners. Threw out all other brands since we began using them. Color treat my hair with red organic products, and Griffin Remedy shampoos help to retain the color. Recommend!” Cheryl Morris

“I just used this shampoo for the first time and am psyched at how soft my hair is! I used this along with the Restorative Conditioner. My hair is super soft and shiny – love it!” karen L.

“In the shower this morning, I was staring at the bottle of my favorite shampoo of my life so far- the Volumizing Shampoo. Decided I needed to contact you and tell you how I feel about it. I am CRAZY about it. I have never had a shampoo be perfect, or even come close. Always flaking, too squeaky clean, too oily, too something. This is absolutely my perfect formulation and I will only buy this from now on! So thankful for this. Thank you!”

Cheryle H.



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